Proudly designed and made in Canada

It's pretty comfortable, eh?

our mission is to bring simplicity and clarity to mattress buying

We make it easy and affordable to get a
premium memory foam mattress

We've got you covered

Endy is wrapped in a durable, breathable, hypoallergenic stretch-knit
cover. The result is nothing less than pillowy perfection.

10" of Sleeping Awesomeness

Endy's 3 foam layers are engineered and tested to give you the perfect level of
support and comfort for a great night's sleep.

Layer One: 2" Gel-Infused

3 lbs Visco Elastic Foam (Memory Foam)
Our memory foam is infused with a cooling gel to disperse body heat. Helps you stay comfortable as you fall asleep.

Layer Two: 3" Transition

1.8 lbs Soft High Density Support Foam
A transitional foam layer allows a gradual exchange between the memory foam and the base to optimize comfort and support.

Layer Three: 5" Base

1.8 lbs Firm High Density Support Foam
Made from high-density foam to keep you propped up and supported.

Shipped from our Toronto factory directly to you

Our uniquely Northern supply chain

Bringing our customers the best sleep technology available today

We work with partners who understand our goal of making the mattress-buying experience far easier than ever before. From design to manufacture to shipping and logistics, our model allows us to lead the sleep products industry while keeping prices affordable.

Shop a beautifully designed mattress online, delivered to your door.

Much of the product variation you see when mattress shopping is marketing myth. The truth is, most of us enjoy the same basic principle when it comes to our sleep surface - a carefully-tuned balance of comfort, support and responsiveness.

The Endy mattress is an optimized, top-of-market memory foam mattress made in 6 sizes.

Designed and crafted locally in Toronto, the Endy Mattress is a showcase of Canadian manufacturing and vertical eCommerce teamed up to deliver the kind of mattress buying experience people dream about.